Gun Maintenance

Q30 Spray Film

Q30 is a superior protective film for sealing, or prevention of rust, corrosion and tarnishing on various surfaces. The sealing and protection of circuit boards and electrical connectors, from rust and corrosion which takes place in moist and harsh environments, for example in plants and electric motors in industry and even residential gate motors.

Protect brass hinges, handles and hardware that are prone to tarnishing primarily in our coastal regions. Seal leaking skylights by spraying a few coats on all suspected leaking joints.

Protect any steel surface from corrosion.

Seal electrical light fittings from corrosion, dramatically extending the life of these fittings. Simply spray a few coats in the connection and on the bulb fitting.

  • Peel off film
  • Di electrical strength in excess of 1000v
  • UV stability 12-24 months
  • This product is fully REACH compliant and is manufactured in the UK.

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